The Capua, a cargo ship about 45 metres long and almost 8 metres wide, was built at the beginning of the last century in the United Kingdom. With a tonnage of almost 400 tons, it transported weapons for Italian troops in Africa, from Trapani to Tripoli. On 27 April 1943, during a mission, a fire on board caused a turbulent explosion, with the only positive result being the rescue of the entire crew, who reached the Tonnara di Scopello. The ship, unable to be rescued, sank to the sandy seabed near cala Mazzo di Sciacca, located precisely at the Zingaro Nature Reserve, at a depth of almost 40 metres. The wreck of the Capua remains, visible as you descend into the water, with its deck reduced to a skeleton by the years spent underwater. During the dive, it is possible to admire the stern and the cargo compartment of the hold, inhabited by lobsters. The wreckage and pieces of the ship resulting from the explosion are home to moray eels and conger eels. The inlet leading to the wreck also allows you to explore the belly of the ship, full of rusty metal sheets and pipes, where you can meet the conger eels that inhabit it.


30 Metres - 34 metres




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