The ship Cargo Kent has been lying on the seabed of the coast of San Vito lo Capo, near the harbour, since the 1970s. Launched in 1957, it sank following a violent fire, of which, unfortunately, we have little news. What remains of it has been totally inhabited by the splendid aquatic fauna and has become one of the most interesting, but also one of the best-known wrecks in existence. This wreck is known as 'The Ship of the Korans' because it left Syracuse for Nigeria at the end of June 1978, under the Cypriot flag, with its cargo of Korans and the Holy Book of the Muslims. It was on 7 July when the ship, still at the Tonnara di San vito, for uncertain reasons, burnt and sank the following day. What is certain is that no crew members were victims of the wreck, but attempts to save the ship were all in vain. The wreck of the Kent, about 75 metres long and with a tonnage of 783 tons, still stands today in the position where it sank. The size is not huge but due to the depth, it is made difficult for visitors to admire the entire wreck in a short time.


46 Metres - 48 metres




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