Search and Recovery 'Battle of the Egadi'

The Sea of Sicily, with its crystal-clear waters and mysterious seabed, hides treasures that tell millennial stories. Among its depths, a fascinating chapter of history is hidden: the Battle of the Egadi Islands. And the Centro Sub Atlantis not only offers exciting underwater adventures, but is part of a team dedicated to the archaeological investigation of this historic site.

The Sea of Sicily: An Underwater Museum of History

The Mediterranean has been the scene of countless historical events, and its seabed is littered with artefacts that tell ancient stories. The Battle of the Egadi Islands, fought in 241 B.C. between the Roman and Carthaginian fleets, is one of those epic events that marked the course of history. Every discovery in this 'underwater museum' can shed new light on a bygone era and rewrite our past.

Atlantis Diving Centre: Commitment to Research and Recovery

In addition to recreational diving activities, Centro Sub Atlantis is actively engaged in researching and recovering historical artefacts related to the Battle of the Egadi. With a team of experienced underwater archaeologists, we are dedicated to searching for artefacts that can enrich our understanding of this important historical event.

The Battle of the Egadi: Changing History One Discovery at a Time

Every fragment of history recovered from the seabed can have a significant impact on our understanding of the past. The Battle of the Egadi, with its strategic and political importance, offers fertile ground for the discovery of unique and significant finds. Each find can renew and enrich our view of this crucial period in history.

The Research and Recovery Team: Pride of the Atlantis Diving Centre

We are proud to present our research and recovery team, composed of underwater archaeologists, maritime history experts and Sicilian culture enthusiasts. We share a common passion for exploration and discovery, and work tirelessly to bring to light the secrets buried in the depths of the Sicilian Sea.

An Invitation to Explore the Past with Us

If you are fascinated by history and wish to contribute to its discovery, join us in our efforts to explore the underwater past of the Battle of the Egadi Islands. With the Atlantis Diving Centre, you will have the opportunity to experience a unique and meaningful adventure, immersing yourself in the waters rich in history and mystery of the Sicilian Sea.

Discover the Past, Change the Future

Every archaeological discovery is a piece in the puzzle of history, and with the Atlantis Dive Centre, you have the opportunity to make a difference. Join us on our search and recovery mission and get ready to explore the past to change the future.

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